Plantation Ranch

Replacement heifers

We strive to maintain our long-standing reputation of providing quality replacement heifers - not just for ourselves, but customers everywhere.  We provide replacements to small, family breeders all the way to large ranches in the Texas Panhandle, to Kentucky, and even Florida.  We would be honored to provide a long list of happy customers who we feel certain will give you an objective, hand-to-mouth assessment of our heifers.


  • Notable achievement: 67/67 of our last replacement heifers bred during first exposure to bulls.  3 month breeding season.  Hard to beat 100%!


We consistently provide quality stockers that will do well on a strict grass diet or in a feed lot.  Our steers are accustomed to feeders, as they are fed a limited amount of creep feed.  Our last two steer sales prove the point.  One lot was sold via private treaty to a buyer in Snyder, TX, and the steers were shipped to a pasture that had not been grazed for some time.  The second lot was sold to a commercial cattle buyer for Ogle Cattle Co. who shipped the steers north to a feedlot.  



Typically we have bull calves that carry all the physical and genetic traits to be a fine breeding bull, but they must be steered to help us "pay the bills".  However, occasionally there are some bull calves that stand out as being too good to steer.  And, sometimes we may sell a bull because he has produced a large number of replacement heifers that we would like to keep (hence, the bull must find a new home).  When these situations occur, we will seek to find a good home for these bulls where they will provide the same quality performance and genetics as we require at Plantation Ranch.

About Plantation Ranch

Family owned & operated since 1948

Plantation Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch.  We have been in business since 1948, when Gov. Bill Daniel and his beloved wife, "Miss Vara", purchased and restored the oldest permanent Anglo settlement in Texas. 

While Plantation Ranch is rich with history, our focus today is the commercial production of Red Angus and Red Brangus cattle.  We are committed to continuing Gov. Bill's work in the cattle industry and still proudly use the well-known "BD" brand. 


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